Material Showcase

HallONE introduces its new material showcase of 64 local materials in a tactile material exhibit at HallONE Knowledge Hub and a comprehensive online database accessible through HallONE's website. Information about each material include biological origin, production characteristics, supplier information, and resource organizations that can be further tapped for in-depth research and training for relevant application and manipulation techniques.

Endowed with abundant natural resources from its majestic land forms, sublime bodies of water, and verdant forests, the Philippines produces a rich variety and number of plant, animal-based, as well as, processed materials that have found its way in the production of top-quality, distinct, and storied products for export and local consumption.

HallONE's material showcase provides a collective peek into this wealth of resources to contribute to a greater appreciation and exploration of Philippine indigenous materials and its myriad application possibilities in the global market.

In cooperation with the Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority (PhilFIDA), the Philippine Coconut Authority (PhilCOA), and Timbermate-HMT Industries Corporation, HallONE thus invites CITEM stakeholders to see, feel, smell, learn, and discover more about these materials as HallONE continues to feature more of which in the coming period.